Special Offer: Save $500+! 

Discover The Easy, Super Affordable, Lead Generation Strategy That Effortlessly Increases Your Credibility & Income As A Coach

Special Offer: Save $500.00+! 

Discover The Easy, Crazy Affordable, Lead Generation Strategy That Effortlessly Increases Your Credibility & Income As A Coach 

Converting Leads Doesn’t
Have To Be Time-Consuming, Complicated, Or Costly

Converting Leads Doesn’t Have To Be Costly, Complicated, Or Time-Consuming

Lead generation is tough. Most leads come to you completely cold. You can’t just rely on your reputation to convert them to clients right away.

You need a play to get them interested enough to hand over their details, and then you can start building up your rapport and trust with them. The problem? Most avenues have been exhausted or are ill-effective. 

Like “free” eBooks. How many have you seen your competitor offer? Often they’re just regurgitated surface-level advice and leads know it. It reflects poorly on the coach, AND that doesn’t convert leads. For the time, energy, and money you spend getting them created, it isn’t a wise return of investment. 

As For Paid Traffic? That’s Another Risky Game...

As For Paid Traffic? That’s
Another Risky Game...

According to WebFX, companies spend on average $200 to $800 per month on Facebook ads. New privacy changes by Apple? Yeah... we're looking at double that. Think about how much you charge per client or per service…

How much income would you lose pouring $800.00/month into Facebook ads that don't convert? 

That’s a lot of investment for no guarantees of a return. Especially when mastering paid traffic in the first place is no picnic. You either have to spend a ton of time learning the ins and outs of paid traffic, risking trial and error and a lot of money down the drain… 

...all while trying to keep your coaching business afloat. OR, you have to pay an agency big bucks to do it for you. That can amount to thousands, what with testing, copywriters, designers, constantly changing markets, guidelines, and more. 

The bottom line? You need a lead generation strategy that adds value to your lead’s lives enough to get them over the line AND keep them there for you to convert them…

...that doesn’t break the bank for you. 


Introducing Easy Macros

Easy Macros is a mini software that allows you as a health and fitness coach to embed a Macro Calculator into your website to collect leads via email. Unlike a throwaway eBook, this is hugely helpful to your leads. 

The people who land on your page clearly want help accomplishing their goals. Nutrition is a HUGE part of improving outcomes. Macros have been made popular by the health and fitness industry for decades.

Something that most people KNOW the importance of but is counterweighted by how confusing and time-consuming it can be. With your free Macro Calculator, you’re offering to take all of that away for them for free. It’s extremely valuable for them. But this isn’t about just getting their email address... 

The Calculator Is Just The Start When
It Comes To Helping You Generate And Convert More Leads

The Calculator Is Just The Start When It Comes To Helping You Generate And Convert More Leads

Calculators alone don’t convert leads. That’s why Easy Macros is so much more than a calculator. It’s an effortless information-generating machine. 

Easy Macros is cleverly designed so that leads give YOU all the information you could ever need to successfully convert them. Without you ever having to ask for it!

Leads are asked to reveal details like:
  • Gender, Age, Height & Weight
  • Lifestyle & Activity Levels
  • ​Goals (Gain Muscle, Lose Weight, Stay Stable, etc.)
  • ​Nutritional Preferences (Low Carb, Low Fat, Keto, Balanced, etc.)
In an instant, you have made up a huge amount of groundwork you’d otherwise have to spend a lot of time and money on learning.

You Can Target Them Specifically From The Offset. 

You Can Target Them Specifically From The Offset. 

You can prove:
  • You Understand Their Pain Points
  • You Can Help Them Achieve Their Goals
  • ​You Understand Their Personal Circumstances
You understand their personal circumstances. This automatically builds trust, credibility, and a personal connection, and that’s exactly what converts leads. 

Happy Coaches. Happy Clients: 

"This is an absolute game changer for my business. So easy to implement and even useful for paying clients!"


"Incorporating Easy Macros was a no brainer for my training business. A better way to not only generate but close leads, all while streamlining the intake process for my clients.
"Easy Macros helped me serve my clients AND scale my business with complete and total ease. I was able to easily incorporate the calculator into my branded materials and website which made my email list explode

 You Take Care Of Converting Clients. We Take Care Of The Math, Technology, Server Maintenance & Other Headaches With Our Expertise! 

With Easy Macros, all you have to worry about is handling the boost in new clientele and revenue in your coaching business. All of the background, technical stuff is done for you:


You Can Brand Your Macro Calculator

You don’t have to fit your business around Easy Macros! Easy Macros can seamlessly fit into your business, building you credibility and a strong sense of personal branding leads will want to buy into. 


We Manage The Coding/Upgrades

Our team is on hand to manage the complicated coding behind the calculator so you don’t have to. You’ll also get LIFE updates to Easy Macros, and any new features too. 


You Can Stylize The “Results” Emails To You

Once a lead has filled in their details, they will automatically receive an email with their results and next steps. The professional looking email builds more credibility AND enables you to start nurturing leads and retargeting them.


You’ll Have Access To An Admin Panel

Never lose track of a lead in your business again! 
You’ll get an Admin Panel that allows you to see every single prospect that has filled out the form and their results to further enhance your follow-up strategy.


You Can Embed It In As Many Places As You Want

Social media is a great, free place to attract leads with your Macro Calculator. You can embed it across any social media channel you want to help you get the most out of the Easy Macros machine!


(Coming Soon) Connect To Zapier/Email Provider! 

Plus, Take Advantage Of The Special Offer Today And Receive:

Bonus #01

Road Tested Email Sequence Follow-Up

Get a perfectly structured email sequence follow-up to convert leads into customers with your product or service.

- (Value: $525)

Bonus #02

Access To A Private Coaching Community

Join a Facebook Community of other health coaches and access to the Easy Macros team for feature requests, feedback, and expert advice.

- (Value: $PRICELESS) 

ALL Covered With A 30-Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee 

(You Can Try Easy Macros Risk-Free!)

Hurry… Act Now & Get An Incredible Deal On Easy Macros! 

Currently, the Easy Macros software operates on a recurring annual license of $97/year. That price WILL increase to $297 soon to reflect the value of this software, support and future upgrades. 


You can get LIFETIME access to Easy Macros for a Single Payment of $97 all-in. 

Doing This Yourself Would EASILY Cost You $4,700+ In Research, Development, Testing, Coding, Launching (that's a lot of time)

All it takes to earn your $97 is ONE client. Every new session or client is pure profit. All because of a software quietly running in the background.

All In All, That Means With Easy Macros You Can Get:

  • Brandable Macro Calculator
  • ​Done-For-You Coding/Server Maintenance/Upgrades
  • ​Collectible, Convertible Lead Data (Age, Weight, Lifestyle, Goals, Nutrition) as a .csv
  • Automatically Generated “Results” Email
  • ​Admin Panel For Lead Tracking & Retargeting
  • ​Unlimited Cross Channel Embed-Ability On Social Media
  • (Coming Soon) Connects To Zapier/Email Provider!
  • Bonus #1: Road Tested Email Sequence Follow-Up (Value: $525)
  • ​Bonus #2: Access To A Private Coaching Community (Value: $PRICELESS)
  • ​30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Limited-Time Special Offer:

Usually $297/YEAR
Today One-Off Price For Life:

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